SSWA Capital Improvement Program

The SSWA Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is included in the SSWA annual budget and includes two types of projects:

Rehabilitation Projects

These projects rehabilitate or improve existing facilities including equipment replacements, facility modifications not connected with capacity increases for development, system replacements (including service replacements in conjunction with Suisun City road rehabilitation projects) and studies to plan rehabilitation projects (such as condition assessments). The Replacement Reserve, which funds replacement projects, is itself to be funded by transfers from the Operating Fund and interest income.

Capacity Fund Projects

Capacity Fund Projects plan and add new facilities to the SSWA system including construction of new facilities such as treatment plants, storage tanks, and pumping plants, as well as studies to plan these major facilities, including the Water Master Plan. The Capacity Fund provides funding for capacity studies and projects and is itself funded by development impact fees and interest income.

The near-term focus of the SSWA CIP is to provide treatment capacity needed for planned development within the Suisun City General Plan area. Planning for a complete rehabilitation of the system is the long-term focus; this includes physical projects and their funding. Ongoing and near-term planned studies of the SSWA infrastructure include a condition assessment and rehabilitation plan for the Cement Hill Water Treatment Plant; a System Design Review to confirm how much water SSWA will need; a Water Loss Control Program Plan to cut the real and apparent water loss from our system; and a condition assessment and rehabilitation plan for the existing distribution system facilities. The information provided by these investigations will be used to refine the scope and estimated cost of the CIP.