Irrigation Services

In general, all irrigated parcels within the District must receive their irrigation water through a service dedicated to the parcel and must follow the current District Rules and Regulations. Parcels outside of the District boundary must annex into the District before receiving irrigation water.

Parcels with an existing service should contact Agricultural Operations to set up an account.

Parcels without an existing service must follow the process outlined below:

  • Contact the Engineering Department
  • An Engineer will provide a Quick Estimate for the construction costs
    • To provide the best Quick Estimate, please provide the information listed.
      • Location of parcel, preferably the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN)
      • Total acreage to be irrigated
      • Method of irrigation (i.e. drip, micro-drip, sprinkler or flood)
      • The Engineer can aide the Landowner with this information
    • If the Landowner would like to proceed with the project based on the Quick Estimate, the Engineer will create a District Work Order.
      • The Work Order is the method which the District will use to provide the scope of the project and track the associated costs.
    • The Landowner must sign and pay the total estimated project costs before the District will continue with the project.
    • There are several variables and options available to the Landowner for the design, review, inspection and construction of the project.
    • All new services must follow the current District Rules & Regulations and be constructed per the current Standard Specifications & Details.

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