Online Payment Instructions

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** If you are a City of Suisun Water Customer, please make your payment to the City. Solano Irrigation District will only accept payments for District Invoices (Click to view a sample bill) **

Solano Irrigation District now offers an online bill payment option as described below. The District accepts Electronic Check, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover cards. This Online Bill Pay service is provided by MuniciPAY, a third party payment resource contracted by Solano Irrigation District.

Payments may take up to twenty-four (24) hours, or one business day, to process.

Third-Party Convenience Fee:

MuniciPAY, a third party payment resource contracted by Solano Irrigation District, collects a convenience fee for using the online bill payment option.  The convenience fee will appear as a separate transaction from the payment made to Solano Irrigation District.
The convenience fee is automatically calculated once a payment amount has been entered.  An option to cancel or continue with the transaction after the convenience fee has been added to your payment is available.  Convenience fee rates by payment method are listed in the chart below.

 Visa  2.65% of payment amount, $3.00 min
 Mastercard  2.65% of payment amount, $3.00 min
 Discover  2.65% of payment amount, $3.00 min
 Amex  2.65% of payment amount, $3.00 min
 Electronic Check  $1.50 per transaction, .50% on payment amount $2,500 and above

Online Payment Instructions:

  • Click on the “Make a Payment” link (you will be redirected to a third party online payment site).
  • Next, select the “SID Water Payment” payment item from the drop down selection box (log-in optional),
  • Enter your customer number.
    • Your customer number can be found at the top-right side of your invoice (example invoice shown below).
      Example Invoice 
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay and additional required fields and select “Add Item”.
  • Select “Check Out” to continue your transaction.
  • The third-party NPS Convenience Fee for processing the transaction will be highlighted in red.  Check the box to agree to the online payment terms.
    • You can choose to pay by credit card or electronic check.  The NPS Convenience Fee will re-calculate in accordance to the payment method you select.
    • If you choose to pay with an electronic check, you will need to input your bank routing number (9 digits) and account number (example of where to find your routing number and account number on a check is shown below).
      Example Check
  • Enter in the additional required fields and select “Checkout”.
  • A receipt confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided.  You can also print the confirmation shown on the screen once the transaction is completed.
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