SSWA Water Distribution

When the treated water leaves the Cement Hill Water Treatment Plant it enters the system of pipelines, storage tanks, booster pumps and water services that deliver the water to the customers.
At the last system inventory, the SSWA system had 92 miles of main and transmission pipelines, 1,700 valves, 800 fire hydrants, 51 miles of service pipelines and 8,200 metered water services.

The system also includes four storage tanks with 6.5 million gallons of capacity, and several pumping plants, meter and pressure reducing stations, and emergency interties with the Fairfield water system. Most of these are monitored with a radio-based telemetry system. System operators constantly monitor and adjust the system’s equipment to maintain good pressure and flow rates, inspect and perform minor maintenance on the equipment for proper operation, investigate customer requests and complaints, and read the water meters to determine customers’ usage for billing.