About Us

Services & Responsibilities

Solano Irrigation District (SID) is an independent special district, a local government agency, formed in 1948. The five-member Board of Directors is elected by registered voters within the boundaries of the district. 

SID has entitlements for 141,000 acre feet of agricultural and domestic water for service to many areas in Solano County each year. The District is also the operator of the Solano Project, which delivers Lake Berryessa water to four cities, the Maine Prairie Water District, and SID customers. The district owns and operates the hydroelectric power plant at the base of Monticello Dam.

SID has 81 employees and operates on a $7 million annual budget of its own. SID is a partner with Suisun City in water delivery, utilizing another $6 million in revenues to accomplish the partnership's objective.

The District Boundary Map is available online as a PDF (2 MB).


Solano Irrigation District's mission is to provide safe and reliable water to our farms, families, and businesses. As stewards of our precious local water resources, we are committed to responsible environmental and fiscal management in order to protect and ensure those resources into the future.


The Solano Irrigation District will be an organization that:

  • Fosters a positive and long term relationship with municipal, residential and industrial stakeholders within our place of use while emphasizing the needs of our agricultural roots.
  • Researches and develops alternative income sources to maintain the lowest possible water rates for our District constituency.
  • Develops a proactive and innovative approach to expand, maintain, and rehabilitate water delivery systems. 
  • Provides transparency and accountability to all District stakeholders and partnerships.
  • Treats employees with respect, integrity, and dignity while providing a safe, progressive growth orientated work environment.
  • Will be a responsible steward and guardian of our County’s natural and fiscal resources.


The Solano Irrigation District values:

  • Open communication and cooperation with all stakeholders
  • Pride in all decisions and work performed
  • Development of trust with all stakeholders
  • Respectful customer service and stakeholder relationships
  • Integrity, honesty, and efficiency in all aspects of District service
  • Transparency and Accountability of all actions
  • Humble Stewards of the County’s natural resources

Strategic Plan

Solano Irrigation District's Strategic Plan is available online as a PDF (2 MB).

The Solano Water Story

The Solano Water Story, a publication of the Solano Irrigation District, was published in 1988 in observance of the District's 40th anniversary. It is now available online as a PDF (16 MB).