Suisun-Solano Water Authority

Suisun-Solano Water Authority (SSWA) is a government entity formed by the City of Suisun City and Solano Irrigation District.

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In California, a “joint powers authority” like SSWA is formed by two or more existing governments to better organize the functions and services they perform together.  SSWA is operated with both Suisun City and SID employees and resources. SSWA’s operations are divided in the following manner: the City and District both administer SSWA, the City provides financial services for SSWA, and SID plans, designs, operates, maintains and replaces the SSWA water system.  Expenses of both the City and the District are repaid to them by SSWA.

Services and Responsibilities

SSWA provides potable water for domestic consumption and fire suppression to the City of Suisun City.

Services include:
  • Treating raw water from Lake Berryessa to meet California’s drinking water standards
  • Operating, maintaining and rehabilitating the pipelines, storage tanks and water meters (the distribution system) that deliver the treated water to SSWA’s customers, including fixing leaks, flushing pipelines, and fire hydrants.
  • Regularly testing water quality to confirm the water meets state standards, and reporting the same to state and SSWA customers.
  • Reading water meters and billing for the water service to pay the costs of running and maintaining the system, as well as collecting fees to pay for new facilities to serve new customers.
  • Designing, planning, and constructing new and replacement water facilities to keep up with the water demand and reliably deliver the water.  This includes developing standards and inspecting construction of the system.
The City and the Districts responsibilities are assigned as follows:
  • Solano Irrigation District maintains, operates, repairs, replaces, reconstructs and manages all water purification, storage, transmission, distribution and control facilities.
  • Suisun City provides all billing of water services and collects, maintains, and invests all monies held by SSWA and reports on delinquencies and the status of the funds.