Possible Service Disruptions

Although SID makes every effort to prevent them, water outages occur from time to time. Emergency outages or those planned for needed maintenance can affect customers who receive canal water or those who receive treated piped water.


On the treated water system, pipeline breaks and other occurrences can affect customer service. SID crews are on-call around the clock to repair any problems that may occur. If repairs cannot immediately be made, the district works to alert affected customers to the problem. The open canal system is more exposed to emergencies, falling trees, plugged culverts, erosion, rockslides, even rodent damage to canal berms can lead to leaks, water loss, and service outages. When outages occur and cannot be immediately repaired, SID works to notify customers who may be affected.

For 24-hour emergency services, please call 707-448-6847.

SID Planned Outages

SID operates and maintains miles of canals and must shut down canals from time to time for maintenance work. A part of this ongoing work is the lining of canals to prevent seepage and water loss. The ongoing canal cleaning program also requires periodic outages; these are usually planned during the non-irrigation season months.

Outage Information

When outages are scheduled, specific outage dates and times will be sent to customers whose service will be interrupted. In the case of emergency outages, please call our office for the most current information.